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Real Women Have Curves

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❶Ana liberates herself from the oppression that surrounds her; with this being said, Ana expresses that there is more to her than her body image and that she does not need to find a man who will focus on her outer appearance, but the woman she is. If this film would have been released in , there would have been so much more attention to it than it received in

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Real Women Have Curves
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This is it, the real A thesis statement for real women have curves by Josefina A thesis statement for real women have curves by Josefina lopez ; Thesis statement for real women have curves. Oct 5th, Essay Writing. Real Women Have Curves is a reminder of how rarely the women in the movies are real.

Real women have curves essay —. Real women have curves essay. How 39;s about you? Log In Remember Me. With the two cultures at different ends of the spectrum, and the inner turmoil that goes along with it; Ana must figure out how to navigate both cultures without losing the bonds that she has with her family. The film begins by drawing the line between the two different cultures. With Ana getting ready for her last day of school, she was reminded by her ailing mother that women should prepare breakfast for the men.

The director did a wonderful job in showing ethnocentrism in both cultures. For example, she criticized the sweatshop conditions that her sister and mother work in. Senora Garcia is also a great example of ethnocentrism. Unlike Ana, Senora Garcia was raised in one culture her whole life, and is firm on her beliefs. She also made it clear to Ana that her role as a mother gives her the right to decide which man is right for her daughter for a possible suitor.

Since high school and university are two different institutions, they must have different cultures. There are so many opportunities for high school students to upgrade their grades. However, University students need Their differences in culture and the constant arguments that take between them shows their ethnocentricity towards each other. The women depicted in the scene also came from the same cultural background as Senora Garcia, but wanted to break out of the mold.

These women decided to liberate themselves by stripping down to their underwear and be proud of their curvy figure in which Senora Garcia criticized Ana throughout the movie. With the Garcia women firmly planted in their beliefs, the Garcia men on the other hand show a high degree of cultural pluralism.

It was something that I did not expect in the film, considering that they live in a more traditional culture. Because of the stereotypes linked to Mexican women, their cultural identity is somehow challenged and insulted.

It is also observed in the film that no matter how empowered an individual is, she cannot ignore the fact that people around her will influence her perceptions and try to bring her down.

She just needs to have a drive to make a stand. Identity and Collective Concerns Through the embodiment of the characters of the film, it is observable that certain identity and collective concerns are taken into consideration and dealt with accordingly.

For the identity of the Mexicans, what seems to be their big challenge is on how to maintain their cultural traditions despite the changing environment and the influence of the American society. Looking back at the movie, Carmen has a conventional perception of keeping their cultural heritage where in fact she is actually discouraging the people around her, especially her daughter from treasuring their traditions.

However, Ana advocates for the growth of their tradition by declaring how Latina women should be proud of how they look and who they are. In line with that, the issue of individuality also emerged in the film.

Taking into consideration the premise regarding the social assumption of women looking slim, Ana encompassed a rebellion against this conception and reminded the Mexican women of their self-worth and their uniqueness.

She helped the women overcome their insecurities by recapturing the essence of a woman through their individuality. It is also through the presence of Ana and her positive outlook in life that the lack of self-esteem of Mexican women in the movie was surpassed.

The appreciation that she manifests in her real beauty and her willingness to fight for it encouraged these Mexican women to stand on their own and not depend on others to find their identity. The similar dilemma experienced by most women in the factory was dealt with through the encouragements of Ana.

It is through the acceptance of onself including her strengths and weaknesses that the total well-being of an individual develops. Synthesis and Conclusion As what many critics and audiences of the movie commented, the film Real Women Have Curves is more than just a film but it is a medium of increasing the awareness of people.

This information dessimination does not just apply to the grievances and collective concerns of the Latin American community but is also a way of introducing Latin American cultural traditions and lifestyle to increase better communication and relationship between the Mexicans and the American communities. Looking back at the analysis of the Mexican identity, it is perceived that Mexican women face similar problems and insecurities. The issue on class, gender, and sexuality is giving these people a hard time fitting in to the society.

Worse than that, their social environment is increasingly disregarding them and setting them aside thinking that they only represent a small portion of the society. However, it is also observed that these issues should not hinder Mexican women from making a stand and from thinking outside the box. It should, serve as a reference point and a driving force for these women to be different. This movie, therefore, challenges individuals not just the Mexicans but everyone especially those who are minorities and discriminated to treasure and preserve their cultural traditions despite all the globalization trend, because it is through these traditions will one stand out and find his or her true identity.

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Real Women Have Curves. April Women in Unfair Work Conditions: The Fight Over Independence or Family! The play Real Women Have Curves was written by Josefina Lopez, it depicted the hard ships of immigrant female workers and the power and strength of women working together as one. About a decade later a movie was made.

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In Real Women Have Curves we see how they address the relationship of Ana and her mother in different ways. In both versions we see how Ana¡s mother teases her about her weight. Another similarity in both the movie and the play is how Ana and her mother argue because they have different opinions in life.

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It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Apr 26,  · Real Women Have Ambition For young Chicana Ana Garcia, trying to find one’s own identity becomes the struggle of a lifetime under the stifling weight of the many identities pushed upon her by not only stereotypes of her community, but also her families old-world cultural beliefs.

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The Movie, Real Women Have Curves Essay Words | 7 Pages film Real Women Have Curves stresses how important higher education is to a Mexican-American teenager and the wrath she endures from her mother because of her weight and aspiration. Real Women Have Curves Essay Connection To Real Women Have Curves In the movie Real Women Have Curves multiple obstacles that may impact a student’s possibility of continuing with his or her education are clearly pointed out.