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Western Civilization Research Paper Topics

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❶You would have to write an entire book if you chose to write about western civilization as a whole.

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Western civilization research paper topics
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The initial discomfort usually goes away once you have your initial thoughts on paper. You may sometimes experience problems when the outline is an insufficient guide to what you want to say. If this happens, go back and add specifics to the outline. Use the outline to begin thinking about transitions and subheadings. At some point a very detailed outline actually resembles a first draft. What remains is a matter of filling in the blank spots to complete the first draft.

Editing the Drafts The key for you to produce a quality research paper is to produce several drafts, with each succeeding draft being a refined version of the prior draft. The necessary process of revision involves improving both the underlying meaning and structure of your essay as well as the mechanics of sentences and paragraphs.

Ramsey Fowler and Jane E. For revising your essay's underlying meaning and structure, consider the following: Does the proposed topic relate to the course and the assignment? For example, does the topic stem from material covered in the texts or lectures? Is the topic something that you can adequately cover in the required number of pages? Is the topic something you and possibly your professor would find interesting, rather than something that is easy to cover?

Try to write without stopping for a certain amount of time e. Put down any thoughts or words on paper and use these words to suggest other words or thoughts. Keep writing even if it means writing the same word several times.

Do not go back and read or revise what you have already written. Once you have finished ten minutes or one page , review what you have written. Try to find out what interests you, as well as your perspective and position on issues. The idea is for you to focus intently on the topic for a fixed amount of time and to push yourself to list every idea and detail that comes to mind. Like free writing, the trick is to short-circuit the internal editor long enough to advance thinking and organization on a given topic.

When you get an idea related to the basic topic, try to move beyond it by branching out and pursuing its implication. As new ideas are generated from the branching out, you can continue with other branches. The result should be a cluster of ideas, some of which are useful, and some of which are not. The research question you develop should be a complete question consisting of one or two sentences.

Generally, the shorter and simpler the research question, the better. Your research question should be something you can answer systematically using sources primary and secondary , reasoning and persuasion. You should begin devising the research question at the same time they develop and narrow the research topic. Narrow the topic to a single idea that you want to convey to the readers in the essay. Clarify the purpose, position and attitude in the paper. Be a work in progress.

Many students and many writers for that matter typically revise their thesis as they complete the research and writing stages.

This is a good strategy for you to use. Does the body of the essay carry out the purpose and central idea expressed in your thesis sentence? Are there adequate details, examples, or reasons to support each of your main points? Does each paragraph relate clearly to the thesis sentence? Does your conclusion provide a sense of completion?

Are your sentences grammatical? Is your use of commas, semicolons, colons, periods and other forms of punctuation correct? Is your use of capitals, italics, abbreviations, numbers and hyphens correct? Do the words you use exactly convey your meaning and feeling?

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But before you look over the list of great research paper topics on Western civilization you should take some time to do the following: Consider writing about ancient monuments as one great research paper topic on the Western civilization. There are many ancient monuments in Western civilization which are still not entirely understood. You could pick one monument that today remains a mystery to people such as the Sphinx or Stonehenge. You can discuss the current theories which surrounds this item, when people allege it was built, how people predict it was built, and what different theories exist about the uses for it.

Another option is to explore one theory related to all of this in depth and discuss the evidence that exists for and against it. For example, some people theorize that the Sphinx is actually a representation of a large cat or lion, something typical of ancient Egyptian cultures.

They believe that it was there long before the pyramids were constructed. But this current theory remains debatable and there is some evidence existing in the naturally decomposing rock located inside of the physical structure of the Sphinx compared to the landmass around it which might indicate that it was carved at the exact same time as the pool area surrounding it.

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Western civilization is an incredibly broad and diverse domain, stretching back thousands of years. Depending on who is defining it, a paper on Western civilization could cover any time from the.

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Academic essays and term papers on Western Civilization. Over 95, term papers to search in over essay topics.

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If you want to write a good civilization paper, an article below will help you in finding a suitable topic for your Western civilization research paper. A List Of Great Research Paper Topics On The Western Civilization. If you are looking for list of great research paper topics on the Western civilization you have many ideas at your fingertips.

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Strong Ideas for Western Civilization Research Paper Topics The cultural experience of Europe from the classical period onward is called “Western civilization.” It is commonly known that ancient Greece and Rome are Western civilizations. Feb 17,  · Western and Eastern civilizations have always been be incompatible with their thinking and teachings; especially when looking at certain topic such as Gender, sex and religion. Gender is defined as the cultural, behavioral, or psychological characteristics, typically belonging to one sex.