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❶The public school that I went to did not believe in homework so I thought it would be a nice break. In fact, it can lower their test scores.


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School to us kids and mind you I'm in college right now is equivalent to a stressful job that some parents have. Homework must be banned in the United States if you want to see any positive changes to the education of the youth. Kids have more than enough things to be doing at home that teaches them responsibility let alone doing homework in which they don't even know half of what they are doing. They then need parents to basically teach them how to do their work when the teachers get paid to teach.

With all the classes we have and the classwork to do in those classes it is not really beneficial to just bring more work so we can do it at home to. On top of doing homework it is also a grade if you don't turn in the homework which is suppose to be a study guide, study practice, or guided notes for what actually counts.

According to a research at New York university, it is bad for kids health. It leads to anxiety and a lot of bad diseases. Oxford university do agree New York u. So, I think that children in primary schools should not have homework. Do you agree with me?

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The latest studies showed that homework has no benefit at all in children up to 3rd grade, very poor benefits in 4th-6th graders, minimal benefits in 7th-9th graders and reasonable benefits in 10thth graders. Why do we put students and families through all the stresses of homework for such a poor gain. Surely time could be better spent developing other life skills. I think that education and school in general is something that has not changed very much as time has gone on.

Because of this, there are aspects to it that really do need to be changed. We would do well to trim the fat of education and to get rid of homework. It really does because minecraft is way better because it is fun i know people play it and i am a great player at it because it is fun and all the people that like homework are not understandable and i just want to play minecraft a lot so thx for your time.

Lots of kids, especially teens, have a lot of stress whilst going to school and holidays are a good time to relax and take their mind of school, and be in the company of friends and family. Kids will do this homework with the purpose of getting it done, rather than actually making the most of it, so what's the point.

Why not wait until the get back to school and are more eager to learn. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. New to Old Created: Old to New Likes: Most to Least Likes: Least to Most Replies: Most to Least Replies: It Is Very Necessary Homework is very necessary. Vkay Riru zooeethoo cupcake hfahadawan Cjknight jose chaddee Vkay Riru cupcake youtube jose chaddee Vkay Riru fathimaaksha cupcake Riru cupcake hfahadawan Cjknight jose Vkay Riru cupcake Anonymous Vkay Riru cupcake jose chaddee Homework is an unnecessary waste of time Newsflash parents and teachers, having to do work on our free time is not motivating!

However, it makes a bigger difference in secondary schools. His explanation is that students in secondary schools are often given tasks that reinforce key skills learned in the classroom that day, whereas primary students may be asked to complete separate assignments. In my own practice, the primary students I teach will often be asked to find real-life examples of the concept taught instead of traditional homework tasks, while homework for secondary students consolidates the key concepts covered in the classroom.

For secondary in particular, I find a general set of rules useful:. While there is no data on the effectiveness of homework in different subjects, these general rules could be applied equally to languages, mathematics or humanities. An interactive online community that brings together educators, neuroscientists, psychologists, and policymakers to understand how the brain learns.

A community from npj Science of Learning. For Teachers , News, Views and Events. For secondary in particular, I find a general set of rules useful: This includes elaborating on information addressed in the class or opportunities for students to explore the key concept in areas of their own interest.

Make sure students can complete the homework. A high chance of success will increase the reward stimulation in the brain. Get parents involved, without the homework being a point of conflict with students. Make it a sharing of information, rather than a battle. Check the homework with the students afterwards. This offers a chance to review the key concepts and allow the working memory to become part of the long-term memory.

Incidental research raises further doubts about homework. Reviews of homework studies tend to overlook investigations that are primarily focused on other topics but just happen to look at homework, among several other variables.

Here are two examples:. First, a pair of Harvard scientists queried almost 2, students enrolled in college physics courses in order to figure out whether any features of their high school physics courses were now of use to them. At first they found a very small relationship between the amount of homework that students had had in high school and how well they were currently doing.

Once the researchers controlled for other variables, such as the type of courses kids had taken, that relationship disappeared. The same researchers then embarked on a similar study of a much larger population of students in college science classes — and found the same thing: She then set out to compare their classroom practices to those of a matched group of other teachers.

Are better teachers more apt to question the conventional wisdom in general? More responsive to its negative effects on children and families? This analysis rings true for Steve Phelps, who teaches math at a high school near Cincinnati. But as I mastered the material, homework ceased to be necessary. Lyons has also conducted an informal investigation to gauge the impact of this shift.

He gave less and less homework each year before finally eliminating it completely. And he reports that. Homework is an obvious burden to students, but assigning, collecting, grading, and recording homework creates a tremendous amount of work for me as well. Nor is the Harvard physics study. People who never bought it will not be surprised, of course. Put differently, the research offers no reason to believe that students in high-quality classrooms whose teachers give little or no homework would be at a disadvantage as regards any meaningful kind of learning.

That will be the subject of the following chapter…. Two of the four studies reviewed by Paschal et al. The third found benefits at two of three grade levels, but all of the students in this study who were assigned homework also received parental help.

The last study found that students who were given math puzzles unrelated to what was being taught in class did as well as those who got traditional math homework. There is reason to question whether this technique is really appropriate for a topic like homework, and thus whether the conclusions drawn from it would be valid.

Meta-analyses may be useful for combining multiple studies of, say, the efficacy of a blood pressure medication, but not necessarily studies dealing with different aspects of complex human behavior. Homework contributes to higher achievement, which then, in turn, predisposes those students to spend more time on it. But correlations between the two leave us unable to disentangle the two effects and determine which is stronger. Epstein and Van Voorhis, pp. Also see Walberg et al.

In Cooper et al. For a more detailed discussion about and review of research regarding the effects of grades, see Kohn a, b. That difference shrank in the latest batch of studies Cooper et al. See Kohn b, , which includes analysis and research to support the claims made in the following paragraphs.

Nevertheless, Cooper criticizes studies that use only one of these measures and argues in favor of those, like his own, that make use of both see Cooper et al. The studies he reviewed lasted anywhere from two to thirty weeks.

Quotation appears on p. If anything, this summary understates the actual findings. Why this might be true is open to interpretation. The unpublished study by C. For example, see any number of writings by Herbert Walberg. Until they get to high school, there are no such tests in Japan. As far as I can tell, no data on how NAEP math scores varied by homework completion have been published for nine- and thirteen-year-olds. Department of Education , p.

In , fourth graders who reported doing more than an hour of homework a night got exactly same score as those whose teachers assigned no homework at all.

Those in the middle, who said they did minutes a night, got slightly higher scores. For older students, more homework was correlated with higher reading scores U.

Specifically, the students taking the test in many of the countries were older, richer, and drawn from a more selective pool than those in the U. Also see the many publications on this subject by Gerald Bracey.

Sadler and Tai; personal communication with Phil Sadler, August Permission must be obtained in order to reprint this chapter in a published work or in order to offer it for sale in any form.

Please write to the address indicated on the Contact Us page. Standardized tests are even less useful when they include any of these features: Other countries whup the pants off us in international exams. Premise 1 explains Premise 2. When they published their findings in , they could scarcely conceal their surprise: Here are two examples:

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Is homework necessary? 26% Say Yes 74% Say No It Is Very Necessary Homework is practice and practice makes perfect. Homework allows students to do work on their own without in class guidance and figure things out. This helps them learn better. Homework helps parents learn more about what your child is learning in school.

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Homework: in order to do well. Veganism: is essay order of importance it still necessary for biology/med students. The page case scenario should be in depth and should include all the pertinent information that is necessary to on the order now learn . Is Homework Necessary In Order For Students To Learn is homework necessary in order for students to learn A national evaluation of Elev8 shows the program has made important strides since it Rethinking Homework.

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It can be drawn from this study that some type of homework policy is necessary, as is the assignment of higher cognitive types of homework and the flexible assessment and grading of that work in order to foster and track student learning. Is homework necessary in order for students to learn. U.S. Department of Education These assignments aim to help students learn new material math homework has been shown to be more important in the middle to.